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Custom Firefighting Equipment

Custom Firefighting Equipment

Maryland Fire Equipment Corporation was founded 55 years ago with a unique idea, to become a complete fire safety company, a single source for all firefighting and life safety needs. Where “Service is the Burning Issue,” we offer only the finest in fire, rescue and safety products. You are welcome to explore our website to find the latest in fire safety. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

Our Services
Hands-On Training of Fire Extinguishers
Fire Suppression System Installation
Personal Protective Equipment Cleaning and Repair
Firefighting Equipment Repair
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Our Products
Firefighting Equipment
Equipment designed to rescue people and protect valuable goods and natural resources from fire. Firefighting equipment is used to aid firefighters in performing their jobs more efficiently. Popular amongst firefighters are thermal imagers, ladders, nozzles, hose and hand tools.
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PPE [Personal Protective Equipment]
Personal protective equipment (PPE) consists of multiple elements of protective clothing to include helmets, gloves and other garments designed to protect firefighters from risk of injury. PPE is designed to meet the demands of the fire, rescue and emergency medical services.
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Commercial, Residential and Industrial
Equipment used in commercial applications like construction, property management and bio research facilities. This equipment includes portable fire extinguishers, cabinets, smoke detectors, and standpipe equipment.
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